65th Anniversary Trivia Quiz

65th Anniversary Trivia Quiz


1.  What was the nickname of the generator that was beneath the old mess hall for over twenty years and served camp well for many years?

2.  The 1980’s was a time of growth for Camp Carmel.  What three new buildings were built in the 1980’s?

3.  The Great Allegheny Passage Trail which borders camp is a popular biking trail on the east coast.  How was the trail used before it became a tourist attraction?

4.  Before the current store became located in the nurses building it was located somewhere else in camp.  Where was that location?

5.  What was the name of Camp Carmel immediately before being purchased by the Ten Mile & Monongahela Associations?

6.  What organization used this property prior to Carmel in 1953?

7.  What is the name of the three campfire sites used when you cross the swinging bridge?  (Keep in mind one has been closed)

8.  The Aqua Building (block building in the lower cabin circle) currently houses the water sports equipment for our camp.  What two other uses has this building been used for in our 65 years?

9.  What is the slang term used to describe the mud that campers go through when exiting the river that borders camp?

10.  What did the goat cough up in the goat song?

11.  What is the slang term used to describe the locals who visit the train trestle across the river?

12.  There is a small building on property that was once used for cold storage.  What was the name of that building & where is it?

13.  Almost every camp week used to have devotions in the evenings at this location on property.  What is the name of this site?

14. In the 80’s camp received government supplied items for use and sale in our store.  There were two very unusual items included in this mix.  What were they?

15.  In the old men’s bathhouse, there was a “gurgling sound” that could be heard coming out of the bathhouse at night.  Where was the origin of this sound coming from?

16.  What is another name that the locals and visitors call the falls swimming location towards the top of the camp road.

17.  Where was the original volleyball court located?

18.  There was a swamp formerly located behind the current bathhouse for many years.  What was that swamp called?

19.  What is the name of the body of water that runs from the stream across from camp into the Youghiogheny River?

20.  What’s your name my little boy?

21.  What was the original mode of entry for campers who would come to camp in it’s original year of 1953?

22.  From the start of camp until just a few years ago there was a man who would lead nature hikes around the camp property who was also a counselor for many years.  What was his name?

23.  What do you get when you take two pieces of buttered bread and put filling in between them and cook them on a fire?

24.  What is the nickname of the green metal building in camp?

25.  Bedtime stories at campfire will never be the same since this tale of a girl who lost her shoe.  What is the name of this tale?

26.  There are currently five popular spots within walking or swimming distance of camp that are used for water activities.  Where are these spots located?

27.  It only takes a spark to do what?

28.  What does KP stand for?

29.  In 1984 a new vehicle was donated by Sugar Grove Baptist Church to camp for use for getting supplies and for emergency runs to the hospital.  What type of vehicle was it?

30.  The terms cherry bomb, old school, and spins are used in this Carmel game that is usually very popular with the younger crowd?

31.  What is the name of the rock at the top of the Camp Carmel hill that has been used to view the beauty of the nearby Laurel Mountains?

32.  Marion Blaney of Mount Moriah Baptist Church served camp for many decades.  What was her nickname in and out of camp?

33.  According to song, God Prepare Me to do what?

34.  During cabin clean-up, what type of animal are trying to avoid being during inspection by the nurse?

35.  For over 20 years, Carmel has been doing cooperative ministry with this fellow Christian camping group who uses our campfire sites across the swinging bridge.  What is their name?

36.  How many Carmel campfire sites are currently available for use in camp (no former ones)?

37.  This state also has a Christian camp named Camp Carmel?

38.  Family camp was originally what length of time?

39.  What would you be doing if you were doing the “Camp Carmel wave”

40.  How long is the journey (in miles) from exiting from the state road to the entrance of camp?

41. Camp has been blessed with many campers who have went into ministry when their camping days were over,  Name two…

42.  What happens when you plant a watermelon vine upon your grave?

43.  What camp treat would you be enjoying if marshmallows were near a campfire?

44.  Other than the falls, there was a camp water slide at another location in camp.  Where was that slide?

45.  What activity serves as a leading fund-raiser for camp each year in late summer?

46.  What game would you be participating in if you were to hear the phrase “I got a birdie” in Camp Carmel.

47.  At one time, the area between the craft shelter campfire area and the pavilion were used for this organized camper activity in the woods?

48.  Shouting out this one word while standing on the nurses porch assures that young children will come running.  What is that word?

49.  The craft shelter below the girls cabins stood for years before the need to tear it down.  What activity took place when campers and staff approached the structure with paint and a brush?

50.  The song “Trilogy” has been a praise song at campfires for many years.  What three songs are featured in that trilogy?