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Please Note * Camp is experiencing difficulty with internet connectivity, we are able to receive and make phone calls but we cannot guarantee an email will be received. We encourage letters as always, Camp's mailing address is 660 Camp Carmel Road, Dunbar PA 15431
Camp has installed a new gate at the top of the hill and just after you past the state gamelands. That gate will only be open at specific times. The gate is approximately 1.75 miles from camp and prior arrangements outside of hours need to be made if you come at
undesignated times.

Gate hours for registration Sundays will be from 3-5:30 each week. If you come in before that you will be able to get no further than the gate which is some distance from camp. Please make an effort to register during these times. The camp phone is 724-986-0993. The gate will only be opened for camp activities and guests and will not be open under any circumstances for entering any other part of the property on the way to Camp Carmel for swimming, hunting, repelling, or any other recreational activities. NO EXCEPTIONS!