Directions to Camp

IMPORTANT 2021 Gate Information: Camp has installed a new gate at the top of the hill and just after you past the state gamelands. That gate will only be open at specific times which includes family reunion weekend. The gate is approximately a mile and a half from camp and prior arrangements outside of hours need to be made if you come at undesignated times. The hours for Family Reunion Weekend will be Friday evening from 5:00-8:00 PM, Saturday from 9:00-6:00 PM, and Sunday from morning following Church service at Carmel. This special weekend concludes around 11:00 and guests will need to exit so that the staff can prepare properly for the incoming senior high campers and staff.

Gate hours for registration Sundays will be from 3:30-5:00 P.M. each week. If you come in before that you will be able to get no further than the gate which is around a 1.75 mile walk from camp. Please make an effort to register during these times.
Please plan accordingly as camp will have limited time to prepare and sanitize our camp as it will be after each week of camp during the season. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have questions, please contact the camp telephone number listed on our website.


Directions to Camp Carmel start at the corner of Route 119 and the Fayette County Fairgrounds

Travel on Pechin Road for 1.2 miles

Turn left on Church Hill road at the Y

Go ½ mile to stop sign

Continue straight for 1/10 mile to second stop sign

Go straight at the crossroads for 5 miles

Turn left at the camp sign which will be on the left side and high off the road onto an unmarked paved road

You are now approximately 5 miles from Camp Carmel

Go 1.8 miles & then road turns from a paved to gravel road

You are now starting to travel on the PA state game lands gravel road and will veer right at the bottom of a small hill in another 7/10 of a mile

Travel one more mile and you will turn left down a steep hill that will take you to a gate in approximately another mile at the bottom of the hill.  There is a camp sign.

At this point you will need to get assistance from a camp representative who will unlock the gate for you.  You will need to get out of the car and follow the signs for a 2/10 mile walk to Carmel by following the signs.  In the interest of safety it will be in your best interest to lock your vehicle during the time you will be away from it.  If it is registration time on a Sunday afternoon the gate will already be open for your convenience.

After gate is unlocked, turn left towards Camp Carmel and you will see the camp on you right side in 2/10 mile.