Why Work At Camp
Serve the Lord at Camp Carmel

Work at our camp and have a positive impact on our campers
and God’s Kingdom.

There are many other positions at camp from Cooks to Maintenance, Nurses and Counselors to Pastors and Directors.

We also have numerous work weekends for anybody to come down and clean the bathroom, pick up sticks or replace a roof – you never know how God might use you here.

We accept all ages for working but you must be older than the oldest camper for the week you are going to work

We do so many fun activities at Camp – Its so easy to build a relationship with God throughout one week of camp and get away from it all
Camp Carmel has great activities that you wouldn’t get an opportunity to do anywhere else while worshiping and growing closer with God 
Anna B.
Judson J.
- our staff -

Meet Our Directors For Each Week

Kim Mayfield
Junior High 1
Campers get to do more activities not available to them previously as Junior campers. This week is usually coupled with a theme, great biking...
Madeline and Casey Giles
Madeline and Casey Giles
Junior 2
Many first time campers join this week in activities that junior campers love and participate in. Biking, swimming and playing new games often...
Mike Joplin and Curtis Kemp
Mike Joplin and Curtis Kemp
Junior High 2
This week usually uses non-traditional camp songs that get audio visuals involved while at the same time providing a great camp experience. The...
Paul Eckert and Chris King
Paul Eckert and Chris King
Senior High 2
Always expect the unexpected with this week. While the campers focus on regular senior high activities, this week usually sees an open camp fire...
Randy Riggle
Randy Riggle
Junior 1
Many first-time campers. This week introduces our Junior campers to a week at camp and usually consists of classic and model activities that have...
Rich Cramer
Rich Cramer
Senior High 1
Usually the first week of camp and the most physically demanding with bike trips, hikes, rock climbing and swimming and longer bible study classes...